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Adoption Fees - October 2012

Adoption fees will rise from 1st January 2013. For years, we had help from Cats Protection, so we didn't have to pay for the cats' neutering. However, they can no longer help us, and our vet bills have averaged £14,000 per year in 2010 and 2011.

We have reviewed the adoption fees and will introduce a 3-tier system to replace the old 2-tier one.

How it works: From 1st January 2013, kittens that have been neither inoculated nor neutered will be £40.

Cats and kittens that have been EITHER inoculated OR neutered (not both) will be £50.

Cats and kittens that have been inoculated AND neutered will be £60.

All cats and kittens will be microchipped, wormed, de-flead and receive any necessary veterinary treatment.


If we inoculate and spay a female cat/kitten, it costs us a minimum of £80 (not including the cost of food, litter and any extra veterinary treatment if needed).

To inoculate and castrate a male, it costs us a minimum of £70.

We are able to keep the costs so low because our vets give us "rescue prices" for inoculations and neutering.

If a member of the public obtained a "free to a good home" kitten, it would cost them about £15 for a microchip, £5 worm and flea treatment, £45 - £85 neutering (depending on the vet, and male or female cat), £35- £45 inoculation, £5 collar and metal engraved identity disc (we provide all these). A kitten bought from a pet shop would cost an additional £25-£35 on top of all this. So for £60 you can have a kitten which would cost you at least £105 (male) or £125 (female). Even with vouchers from Cats Protection or the RSPCA, the cost would still be higher than adopting from a rescue.





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