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My name is Perfection and I'm a beautiful petite young black and white girl who was born in Septmeber 2016.



My name is Devon and I'm a gorgeous, petite young boy with a soft silky white coat with very fait grey markind on my head. I was born in November, 2016.

China Rose

I'm China Rose, a 3-year-old black & white shorthaired girl.

I am a very independent young lady; I enjoy playing with my toys and stalking my mouse and I have lots of energy!

Jimbo Jr

Hi, I'm Jimbo Jr.

I was born February 2017.


Hi, my name is Tobias (or Toby!)

I was born in April 2017 and I have a sister called Meryl.



I'm Mercury and I am a gorgeous boy with long black fur and a lovely fluffy tail. I was born March 2014.


Hi, my name is Francis!
I am a handsome black and white boy who was born January 2009.


Hi there,

my name is Millicent!

I was born October 2009.

I am a very pretty black and white girl, with a soft silky coat.

Samson! (ON HOLD)

Hi there, my name is Samson!

I was born September 2009.

I am a big handsome boy with gorgeous long ginger and white fur.

I am a quiet boy who loves to curl up in a cosy bed.



My name is Dandy and I am a gorgeous semi-longhaired black cat who was born in March 2008.

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