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Frankie Connor: personal appearance this week

Do any of you remember a book published in 1986 called "Liverpool: It All Came Tumbling Down"?

Adoption Fees - October 2012

Adoption fees will rise from 1st January 2013. For years, we had help from Cats Protection, so we didn't have to pay for the cats' neutering.

Latest News - October 2012

The Boote Home is full, we had a surge of adoptions a few weeks ago, but it's died down and now we're struggling for space. More cats will be added soon to the "Meet the Cats" section.

New kittens

Both cats have had their kittens. One has 5, the other has 2.

Cats homed recently

In the last few weeks, we've homed all 4 of Shona's kittens, O'Grady, Camellia and Scout.

2012 Summer Fete

The 2012 Summer Fete will take place in the grounds of the Boote Home on Saturday 14th July, 2pm - 4pm. Admission 50p.

2012 Valentine's card


Long-term cats homed

Mary Mint and her daughter, Lois, were homed on 29th March 2012 after nearly ten years at the Boote Home.

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