Cat Advice

General Cat Care​

The most important factor in caring for a cat is routine. This will help the cat to settle and prevent undesirable habits. The cat’s daily routine will revolve around feeding, exercise and play – the three things that cats enjoy most.

Your cat will also require annual vaccinations and regular worming.


The amount of grooming a cat requires will depend to some extent on its type of coat. However, cats should be brushed or combed daily as this will help to reduce hairballs forming in the stomach when the cat grooms itself.

Short coated cats are best groomed with a soft brush and require minimal grooming whilst long coated cats will require thorough daily brushing and combing in order to prevent the coat from becoming matted. This is best done by brushing the coat the wrong way to remove loose hairs and dirt, combing and then brushing back the right way.

Cat Play and Exercise

A cat requires regular exercise to remain fit and prevent it from becoming overweight which may lead to health problems. Exercise can be provided with play, whether with its owner or on its own and so toys play an important part in a cat’s life.

If you have any questions about the care of your cat, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0151 228 4336.

Health Warnings

The following can be extremely harmful and in some cases fatal to your cat.

  • Tea tree oil  – This can be fatal to cats. DO NOT USE any tea tree oil product on your cat. For more information, see the messy beast article.
  • Dettol, WD40 and chocolate – These are all poisonous to cats; see the Feline Advisory Bureau’s article about the dangers.
  • Poisonous plants – The Feline Advisory Bureau has a comprehensive list of hazardous plants, but it is unusual for a cat to eat a poisonous plant.