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Hilda in her camper van

    Adamson & Hilda


    We are Adamson (Black and white - white face) and Hilda (Black and white - black face) two gorgeous siblings who were born in September 2023.

    We were born at Boote Home for Cats and have been lucky enough to move to a foster home with our brother, who has now found his forever home.  WE are more than ready to find our forever home and can be adopted together or apart.  If adopted apart, we would really need someone at home most of the day or a young friendly cat to play with.  We have a LOT of energy!

    Here is what our foster Mum has to say about us:

    "Adamson and Hilda immediately began exploring on their very first day.  They have since grown ever more confident, cuddly and playful.

    Adam follows me around the house, and always wants to be close.  When not following me around, he is playing tag with his sister and bombing up and down the stairs.  He is a HUGE fan of his feathery stick and will drag it downstairs when I am downstairs, and then upstairs when I am upstairs!  He also loves playing with springs and generally with anything that moves.  When Adam is worn out, he likes to curl up either in his foster Mum's lap or enjoys lying on his back with all exposed next to her.  He is pretty friendly with regular visitors and happily chills out with them too.  He has the softest fur and enjoys a little brush.   Please save Adam from being a foster fail, his foster-Mum is falling in love with him!

    Hilda loves life.  She is a kitten who causes mayhem.  She loves running around the house, using laps and couches to vault off to get a quick turn around so she can chase her brother.  Hilda's nickname is Hurricane Hilda because she just is a whirlwind of activity.  She likes following you around and comes when you call her, she does 'sit' on command and will offer her paw for a treat.  Her favourite toys are any little balls or toy mice., though she also plays with her 'wormie on elastic'.   Hilda takes a little time to warm up to visitors but after an hour ends up happily springing from their laps and running past them.  When she's ready for a cat nap, she does a very cute little flop next to you and rolls onto her back for a rest.  She likes to sleep on the bed and will snuggle close.

    Both kittens are simply the best, and would be perfect companions to anyone."

    We are neutered, microchipped, inoculated and up-to-date with flea and worm treatment.

    If you think you can offer us a home, please contact us on 0151 228 4336 between 8am and 9pm daily, and leave a message.  A member of the Homing Team will call you back.

    Headbumps and licks - Adamson and Hilda


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      Pair (Male + Female)

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      7 months

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